PhD/Postdoc/GroupLeader Positions for Predicting Protein Structure using Deep Generative Models


The Institutes for Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems (Prof. Dr. Markus Kollmann), Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry (Prof. Dr. Holger Gohlke), and Machine Learning (Prof. Dr. Stefan Harmeling), invite applications for positions on the level of PhD/Postdoc/GroupLeader in the interdisciplinary field between life sciences and computational sciences. Our joint research effort focuses on understanding the mapping of protein sequence to protein structure with the big aim to design novel proteins and thus possibly new materials ‘in silico’. In particular we look for persons that are interested to develop and combine modern machine learning approaches, such as recurrent neural networks, reinforcement learning, and deep generative models, to the problem of generating novel proteins sequences that result in stable protein structures. 



We therefore look for highly motivated candidates with strong mathematical and computational skills (e.g. with physics, mathematics, engineering, or computational science background) and with experience or strong interest in  


-  Deep learning

-  MCMC methods

-  Bayesian statistics

-  Analysing large biological databases

-  Tensorflow/Python programming 


The positions are located at the Institute for Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems.

Applications including a short but informative CV together with a motivation letter should be sent to


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